New Releases 14th February 2020

New Releases
Tame Impala - "The Slow Rush"
"The Slow Rush" is Kevin Parker’s deep dive into the oceans of time, conjuring the feeling of a lifetime in a lightning bolt, of major milestones whizzing by while you’re looking at your phone, it’s a paean to creation and destruction and the unending cycle of life. He told the New York Times earlier this year, “A lot of the songs carry this idea of time passing, of seeing your life flash before your eyes, being able to see clearly your life from this point onwards. I’m being swept by this notion of time passing. There’s something really intoxicating about it.” On limited edition green or red/blue double LP.
Various Artists - "Call Me By Your Name OST"
"Call Me By Your Name", the film by Luca Guadagnino, is a sensual and transcendent tale of first love, based on the acclaimed novel by André Aciman. Summer of 1983, Northern Italy. Includes tracks by Sufjan Stevens, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Giorgio Moroder and more. Limited edition double transparent red vinyl.
David Bowie - "Alabama Song"
Originally released in the UK in 1980 ‘Alabama Song’ was initially written as a poem by Bertolt Brecht in 1925 and was put to music by Kurt Weill for the 1927 play Little Mahogany. Bowie was a longstanding Brecht fan and included the song in the setlist for his 1978 Isolar II tour. The studio version oon the A-side was recorded on July 2nd 1978, the day after the final show of the European leg of the tour, at Tony Visconti’s Good Earth Studios in London. 7" picture disc.
Various Artists - "Scorcha!"
Dubbed by the country’s media as ‘skinhead’, the look starkly contrasted with the country’s largely middle-class ‘hippy’ population, drawing heavily on the smart and stylish fashions introduced by the Windrush generation. The Caribbean influence was even more evident in the music that provided the soundtrack to the skinhead scene: reggae. Celebrated writers, Paul 'Smiler' Anderson and Mark Baxter have penned a brand new book, ‘Scorcha! Skins, Suedes and style from the Streets -1967 to 1973’. In addition, the pair have also compiled a companion 7” vinyl box set of the same title, comprising ten 45s, each featuring a pair of reggae classics favoured by first generation skinhead record buyers.
Moses Boyd - "Dark Matter"
‘Dark Matter’ is a landmark record, a producer album by a young auteur, threading several thrilling musical traditions into a bold new tapestry: the raw energy of grime and afrobeats and the rolling club rhythms of the London underground, combined with the freewheeling creativity and collaborative spirit of his jazz training. Limited edition Dinked version & indies exclusive splatter vinyl.
Tindersticks - "See My Girls EP"
The four song EP features a radio edit of “See My Girls,” an instrumental dub version of the track and two new songs - the David Boulter penned instrumental “A Street Walker’s Carol” and “Blood And Bone,” with Sidonie on lead vocals. The EP is a companion to Tindersticks’ 2019 release "No Treasure but Hope". Limited to 2000 copies.
Boniface - "Boniface"
The eponymous debut album from this Canadian solo artist. Says Boniface, “I’ve found that in my personal life, pushing myself to be more open helps other people to open up as well, so then it becomes a cycle of positivity instead. And I know that it’s really scary to do that, but hopefully opening up in my music will help people to feel safe. I’d love for people to hear these songs and feel inspired, like they can do anything they want with their lives.” Limited edition red vinyl.
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