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Studio Ghibli is probably the most well-known Japanese animation studio in the world. Underpinned by the genius of co-founder and studio director, Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli has a reputation for creating beautiful cinema through magical storytelling and stunning animation. Whilst being easy on the eye, they are also transformed by the compositions and musical work of Joe Hisaishi. A close associate of Miyazaki, Joe Hisaishi is best known for his Studio Ghibli film scores which elevate the animation in ways, it seems, that only he could. Whilst we’re all stuck at home it’s nice to be transported to an enchanted...

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Rhythim Is Rhythim / Derrick May / Mayday ‎– Innovator (Soundtrack For The Tenth Planet) – 2020 Reissue If I was to pick a favourite, it would be hard to choose from Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. The Belleville Three, the godfathers of techno: creators of music that defied logic and quite simply shouldn’t have existed in the 1980s. Thirty years or more later their respective labels - Metroplex, Transmat and KMS – remain as much of an indicator of quality as they did at the time. This high-quality output translates to sometimes extortionate prices where vinyl records...

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LOCKED GROOVES #1 In the midst of the country's lockdown the Sister Ray team have vowed to bring a little insight into the albums that are soundtracking our isolation. First up.... MADVILLAIN - MADVILLAINY (STONES THROW), 2004 By the early 2000s Hip-Hop had, arguably, stagnated somewhat. The gangster rappers that made the '90s rap sound so edgy and febrile with innovation had either made it big and mellowed out or vanished into obscurity. Aside from a few auteurs like Ghostface and Kool Keith a lot of former heavyweights just sounded a little...short of ideas. Also (on a more personal note) the...

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