We Buy Vinyl

Sell us your vinyl. Top market prices paid.

Always looking for clean collections any genre.

One of the good things about being in Soho for 30 years is that we get to meet all sorts of people selling and buying vinyl. If you love characters you’d have a field day checking out the folks we deal with on a daily basis. To serve this community of vinylheads we always need more of it.

If you have a collection of good quality then please get in touch as we’d like to make you an offer. We’ve been doing this a long time and like to think we pay the best rates in the marketplace. Now is a great time to sell as prices are high and the vinyl market is thriving.

We do not buy Classical records or easy listening. If you see the words Ronco K-Tel Warwick Hallmark MFP Golden Guinea Starline and Ace of Clubs featuring heavily on the labels of your collection you might want to brace yourself for bad news.

If however you are sat on a pile of original punk classics, some roots reggae from the 70’s or a hefty box load of Thrash Metal from the ‘80’s then get the champagne on ice.  To be honest we just need as much great vinyl as possible because our customers love it.