Who We Are . . .

“Sister Ray has a long and chequered history. Probably best known for being a great store, populated by unbelievably enthusiastic staff and full of top tunes.”

Sister Ray, named after The Velvet Underground song,  founded in 1989, quickly became a fixture in the record shop scene of Soho. 

 Berwick Street was at the heart of a thriving hub of independent music stores. Daddy Kool, Shades, Red, Tag, Black Dog, Ambient Soho, Black Market, Kubla, Liberty, Vinyl Junkies – just a few of the legendary shops (sadly no longer with us) that catered for all of London’s scenes and tribes.

So next time you are in London come down to Berwick Street and pop into the shop and the other surviving record stores on our wonderful street in the heart of Soho.