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Come on Mercury Prize you’re fooling no one. Dangle the carrot of a freaky jazz album then snatch it away and beat us with the Wolf Alice stick. I jest. Long-time fan of Pharoah Sanders and big fan of early Floating Points so was excited to hear this collaboration. My enduring memory of Sanders is me relaxing to one of his more…adventurous…records when my wife came up from work to make a sandwich. She looked at me with pure bemusement and said “is THIS what you listen to when I’m not here?!?”. While the pairing don’t quite go into the...

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Hi all, Oli here to follow up Eric's favourite nominee in Sister Ray's 2021 Mercury Prize Picks with my personal choice.  I've chosen the debut album by Black Country, New Road, 'For The First Time'.  Emerging from a tidal wave of hype and following rave reviews for their stunning live shows, 'For The First Time' is a mighty beast of an opening statement from the Cambridge seven-piece.Having followed this group from an early gig in 2019, seeing the progression of these tracks has been a thrilling experience and this resulting record is nothing short of breathtaking.  From the fervent opening klezmer jam of...

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Hello everyone, it's been a while since we posted any updates on here and I thought there would be no better way to relaunch the Sister Ray blog than with our staff picks for this years Mercury Prize.  My name is Eric. I only recently started at Sister Ray and thought I could introduce myself by taking the first pick.  Hannah Peel has been at the forefront of indie music over the past decade, branching out from Folk music in the early 2010's towards a sound draped in electronica and synth pop in recent years. For me her latest LP...

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