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An Update From Soho

Where has the time gone?

Good internet folk we've been working like dogs trying to source/fulfil and then maintain our website.

Looks like it's paying off (well we are still here whilst the rest of Soho appear to have disappeared to Cornwall to snaffle crab off-cuts from Rick Stein's Restaurant empire in Padstow).
Here's a quick view of the future...
Yep, a bit Boris Blank at the moment but we are confident that we can fling open the doors sometime before the death of another rock icon and a politician screwing up a press conference.
When we reopen you can look forward to a few tweaks instore as well.
We've spent the last three months filling the shop up to bursting point. Vinyl racks are primed in every genre. John, up there on the shop floor, has run out of filing room.
Grit your teeth, the light is coming and if you need another incentive we are going on a week long Soho Economy Boost pub crawl when it is safely possible. You are welcome to join us and toast everyone's good health.
Til next time, keep on keeping on.
Sister Ray Workers United Freedom Corps