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Discussing Vinyl Trends With What Hi-Fi?

What Hi-Fi? recently asked shop owner Phil some questions about the rising popularity of vinyl with younger shoppers.

All signs suggest vinyl is reaching ever-younger audiences. Go into any record shop and the sea of fresh-faced customers rummaging through crates makes this fact obvious.

But what are they buying? Are they flocking to new releases from pop artists like the seemingly unstoppable Taylor Swift, or are they after something a little older?

Sister Ray owner, Phil Barton, cites the resurgence of genres like hardcore and shoegazing as key factors helping drive vinyl sales, but added that Taylor Swift is the biggest seller among younger buyers.

“Lots of younger customers are coming in, which is great because they are the future lifeblood not only of this shop but all record stores. They have as varied a taste as anyone else. From screaming bloody hardcore – both types – to whimsical folk and all points in between. Shoegaze seems to be in vogue right now, helped by a superb album from Slowdive a few months back,” he said.

“We are full-service and sell Abba to ZZ Top and everything in between. But, like with everyone else, Taylor Swift is massive and dwarfs everyone at the moment.” 

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