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Top Ten things found whilst moving the contents of the lock up.

We love a top 10 list. Who doesn't? Also if there's one upside of locking down it's getting a chance to have a good old sort out of the loft / house / garage. In our case it's sorting through the treasure trove of delights tucked away in the mystical lock-up. Here's 10 things we've found that caught our eye like an overhanging bramble:
10. A scarf worn by Russell Mael that he threw into the crowd after a gig in Glasgow. (Image is for indicative purposes only not the actual scarf).
9.  A signed East 17 CD
8. A Metal box set in the shape of an amplifier with a knob that goes up to eleven
7. A Pet Shop Boys Mouse Mat
6. A pair of Technics SL1200 Decks, presumed missing.
(use the power of your mind to imagine two of these)
5. A Cafe Belly Dance CD that had a hidden £20 note in it.
(artist's reconstruction)
4. Some snazzy yellow wheels for the sack truck
3. A stack of John Hiatt CD's (Limited appeal, I realise)
2. Timelords Manual
1. A massive Box Set by Tankard beer loving German Metal Nutters