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Sister Ray Interviews: Italia 90


We're very excited to announce the start of a new series for the shop - Sister Ray Interviews!

To launch the new feature we had a sit down with a shop favorite in Italia 90. We loved their latest release 'Borderline', which the band say “‘takes aim at the failed third-way ideology that led to our present political moment”.

Featuring on an exclusive 7”, released via Brace Yourself Records, you can still grab a copy through our website here

We're all football fan's at Sister Ray, and judging by your name we imagine you are too. I guess there's no better place to start than asking which team you think would win - England in Italia 90 or England in last month's Euros?

We couldn’t agree. One of us hates football, one of us hates the English football team, the two of us have different answers.

Moving onto the record, what is the story behind your single 'Borderline'?

We were honestly trying our darndest to write our most radio-playable song. And by Jove it worked! It’s a real Lammo-tickler.

How has being separated from a live audience affected your relationship with writing music?

It's actually had quite a positive effect - it’s given us a chance to think more creatively outside of a live context, and has meant that we have written some quite interesting songs, but we don’t yet know whether we have deluded ourselves into thinking they’re good.

What have been your favourite lockdown discoveries (musical or otherwise)? What are your goals for the coming year?

Gazpacho soup and the films of Derek Jarman. This year we hope to explore salmorejo soup and the films of Ken Russell.

As I'm sure you're aware, we're all about vinyl at Sister Ray. My question to you is what was the last record you bought?

We recently had a trip to Chiswick carboot sale together and bought ‘A Canadian in London’ by Edmund Hockeridge as well as the new Qlowski album.

And the last record you played?

Destroyer - Have We Met

The last record shop you visited?

Kristina Records (sorry!)

Finally, what record do you currently not own but wish you did?

An original pressing of Sicko Cell - it's 10 years old we're told! 


Listen to 'Borderline':