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Seconds away! Round Two!

So here we go again, this Saturday 26th September a few events are taking place that could in the grand scheme of things be called noteworthy. 1) It's my birthday 2) A birth date I share with the smooth as silk Bryan Ferry. (I expect we’ll head off to Annabels later in the day and quaff cocktails with the great and good before retiring to a country estate with minor aristocracy still enraptured by our sparkling wit and repartee) 3) Crystal Palace play Everton in a top of the table clash (it is a weird year) and finally 4) it's RSD Drop 2, Part 2, 2nd Wave whatever you feel appropriate.

For those that came to the shop for Drop One, it was a socially distanced raging success. So good that everyone took the new rules seriously and we were delighted that so many came. Sister Ray is primarily a shop, a bloody good one we think, selling music to appreciative fans. That is still our driving force. However, we aren’t blind to the finger twiddling, mouse popping click baiting world of the Interweb either. We’ve invested a big stack of cash (nearly an Annabels bar bills worth) into our website. Many of you enjoyed the fact that this year the remaining releases were available from 6PM on the site.  Not only that it didn’t crash and we hopefully gained a few new friends too.

If you haven’t signed up yet for our informative and non intrusive (it says here) emails then please do. We announce all sort of doo dah via email. You can sign up here.

Drop 2 highlights include an alternative version of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, a Wedding Present Blue Vinyl 7” from a Shaun Keaveny Session, some 2 Tone reissues (This Are Two Tone / Dance Craze) that haven’t seen the light of day for a while, releases from Don Cherry, Mike Watt, Roger Waters and Durutti Column. Find your favourites and we’ll see you either in person or online on my birthday (hint hint).