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RSD 2020 Is going to be different.
No surprise there then, the world is a very different place and RSD has had to adapt.
Here at Sister Ray we are going to celebrate our fantastic shop much as before but with the added wow factor of social distancing, face coverings and a shot of hand sanitiser.
RSD will take place on three separate dates. The 29th August, the 26th September and the 24th of October. These are referred to as “drops” (snappy eh?). We are ready to welcome you either through the door of the shop from 8AM or online from 6PM.
Clearly if we sell out of lines physically on the day they won’t be available online but we have a canny bunch of buying staff who have deployed their collective brains to make sure we have as much as we can.
There will of course be some super hot items that will get snapped up very quickly (there always is and we’ve all got used to that). We cannot, of course, take pre-orders but we welcome feedback on the list of titles.
There are some real gems in there. The The have another release in the August drop. Matt Johnson is a keen supporter of RSD and we love him back with bells on. From the big hitters there are some interesting David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Who, The Cure titles. Motorhead release Ace of Spades as a 12” so it’ll be cut very loud which is how it should be. Robyn? She’s here. There is plenty more to discover -->
Remember this is a day to celebrate the record shop. We can’t exist without customer support and this day is still incredibly important to the 300+ shops that take part. It may be different, but it is no less important. We welcome you with open arms, just don’t expect a hug!