New Releases March On

March already? How did that happen? First up, an absolutely stunning looking new Dinked Edition release from Snapped Ankles - this looks mint, with gold vinyl in a gold foil embossed cover, as ever very, very limited. Cracking jerky post punk stuff, the sort thing you'd have on your headphones as you sauntered across the Williamsburg Bridge. After one very limited RSD 10", Norwegian popster Sigrid releases her debut, with a limited coloured vinyl to boot, so no more endless scrolling through streaming services for her music….and hotly tipped Amber Bain aka The Japanese House drops her debut slice of atmospheric synthy soul, available on limited double white vinyl, so, again drop those streaming bookmarks, and get your hands on a lovely physical bit of music. The Go Betweens are Sister Ray deities, and Robert Forster returns with another record packed to the gills with his uniquely great wry, literate jangle pop, that also rocks in parts, well maybe a gentle gyrate. Aussie psychy-weirdos Pond (featuring members of that band whose name escapes me - oh Tame Impala) return with a weird kind of glammy r'nb record, and long time personal nemeses Weezer return with the first of two albums this month - which is great news if you like that sort of thing, but personally I can only wish them the same fate as Jack in "Titanic". Far better news is the long awaited return of Royal Trux, who slouch back into view on pizza coloured vinyl - it's classic Trux, all lo-fi garage and attitude, it's even called "White Stuff"! (Snow, I imagine, not Charlie). The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed at least a half dozen Bodega song titles in this post, which is my overly complicated way of announcing the last minute release of a live album from said Brooklyn indie post punchers - only on limited vinyl (randomly clear or glow in the dark), some of which comes from their Lexington gig early last year, one of THE shows of last year. That's it for this week, and ….I've run out of track titles..