New Releases - 6th December 2019

Johnny Marr - "Single Life"
The first 10 singles from 2012’s "Upstarts" through to 2018’s "Spiral Cities", all in original artwork sleeves. The box set also contains vinyl debuts for the promo only track "The Messenger", backed with an exclusive unreleased demo version of the fan fave "New Town Velocity" and the double A side "Armatopia"/"The Bright Parade". All 10 7” singles are pressed onto coloured vinyl and the set is completed by two limited edition photographic prints, exclusive to "Single Life".
Idles - "A Beautiful Thing" Live At Bataclan
This is the brand new live album from Idles, recorded at Le Bataclan in Paris on 3rd Dec '18, at the close of a 90 date world tour. The album celebrates the band’s success over the last two years, featuring songs from ‘Brutalism’ and ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’, and highlights their overall message of unity, and of healing through community. 3 different coloured vinyl options!
Fat White Family - "Champagne Holocaust"
The Fat White Family debut LP "Champagne Holocaust", (originally released in the summer of 2013) is re-released by Trashmouth Records 7 years on and now pressed on limited edition coloured LP (piss yellow) for the first time. 
Gang Starr - "One Of The Best Yet"
Though they never “officially” disbanded after the release of their last project, fans always clamored for another Gang Starr album. There were whispers and murmurs over the years but nothing ever panned out. After Guru tragically passed away in 2010 the hope seemed to vanish altogether. But Premier refused to give up hope. He began crafting "One of the Best Yet" in 2017, and he said in a statement he always believed the project would come to fruition, even after Guru’s death in 2010.
ABBA - "Happy New Year"
This unique limited edition single is released on 7” vinyl as a collector’s edition to celebrate New Year 2020. Features the tracks “Happy New Year” and “Felicidad”, pressed on clear vinyl with unique artwork. A limited edition run will be pressed every year on different coloured vinyl to make this a highly collectible product for fans.
The Go-Betweens - "G Stands for..."
2nd installment of this Go-Betweens anthology series. After making a pair of seminal albums for Rough Trade (‘Send Me A Lullaby’ and ‘Before Hollywood’), the trio became a quartet, adding Robert Vickers on bass. ‘G Stands For Go-Betweens’ vol 2 picks up the story from there, documenting the group’s middle period.
Muse - "Origin Of Muse"
In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the band’s debut album Showbiz, Muse present the deluxe boxed set Origin of Muse. This will chronicle the band from their early beginnings in Devon, their early demos, first EP’s debut album and breakthrough record Origin of Symmetry. 9 CDs, 4 coloured vinyl and case bound book plus lots more goodies.
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