The Beat Goes On

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Sonny Bono was a record-biz vet by the time he hooked up with a teenaged female singer named Cher. After a 1963 flop under the name Caesar and Cleo, the pair clicked with "I Got You Babe", a leap onto the folk-rock bandwagon that made them America's favourite pseudohippies for a brief moment. Cher's less-than-dulcet tones never sounded better than when placed next to Sonny's nasal croak. As for Sonny himself, his solo protest work--including "Laugh at Me", later covered by Mott the Hoople --is excerpted here.


1 Baby Don't Go
2 Just You (Original Single Version)
3 Sing C'est La Vie
4 I Got You Babe
5 Why Don't They Let Us Fall in Love
6 Laugh at Me (LP/Single Version) - Sonny and Cher
7 But You're Mine (LP / Single Version)
8 The Revolution Kind
9 What Now My Love - Sonny and Cher
10 Have I Stayed Too Long (LP / Single Version)
11 Leave Me Be - Sonny and Cher
12 Little Man (LP/Single Version)
13 Living for You
14 Love Don't Come
15 The Beat Goes On
16 A Beautiful Story (LP / Single Version)
17 It's the Little Things (LP / Single Version)
18 My Best Friend's Girl Is out of Sight - Sonny
19 Good Combination
20 I Got You Babe (Soundtrack Version) - Sonny and Cher
21 Hello