Prefab Sprout

Protest Songs

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LP : Remastered

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Protest Songs is the fourth studio album by English pop band Prefab Sprout. Recorded in 1985, it was released by Kitchenware Records and CBS in 1989. According to the liner notes of the album, "Protest Songs was originally to be released in December 1985 and chronologically belongs between Steve McQueen and From Langley Park to Memphis." It peaked at No. 18 on the UK Albums Chart.
The World Awake 4:24
Life Of Surprises 4:05
Horsechimes 4:21
Wicked Things 3:08
Dublin 3:40
Tiffanys 3:49
Diana 4:09
Talking Scarlet 4:32
'Til The Cows Come Home 4:12
Pearly Gates 5:28