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Overnite Sensation

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Love it or hate it, Overnite Sensation was a watershed album for Frank Zappa, the point where his post-'60s aesthetic was ultimately established; it became his second gold album, and most of these songs became staples of his live shows for years to come. Whereas the Flo and Eddie years were dominated by rambling, off-color comedy routines, Overnite Sensation tightened up and polished the song structures and tucked sexual and social humor into melodic, technically-accomplished heavy guitar rock with jazzy chord changes and funky rhythms; meanwhile, Zappa's growling, new post-accident voice takes over the ethereal storytelling.


1 Camarillo Brillo
2 I'm The Slime
3 Dirty Love
4 Fifty-Fifty
5 Zomby Woof
6 Dinah Moe Humm
7 Montana