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3 X LP

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As a compilation this recent triple fits the bill perfectly as a Jam overview.


A1 In The City (Radio Ad) 0:34
A2 In The City 2:19
A3 Art School 2:02
A4 Away From The Numbers 4:04
A5 Takin’ My Love (Demo – Previously Unreleased) 2:34
A6 All Around The World 2:23
A7 The Modern World 2:31
A8 In The Street Today 1:33
A9 News Of The World 3:28
B1 David Watts 2:57
B2 Down In The Tube Station At Midnight 4:43
B3 Billy Hunt 3:02
B4 To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have A Nice Time) 2:30
B5 English Rose 2:51
B6 In The Crowd 5:41
B7 ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour St. 2:39
C1 Strange Town 3:49
C2 The Butterfly Collector 3:10
C3 When You’re Young 3:13
C4 Smithers-Jones 3:02
C5 The Eton Rifles 3:29
C6 Thick As Thieves 3:40
C7 Private Hell 3:51
D1 Saturday’s Kids 2:53
D2 Burning Sky (Demo) 3:32
D3 Going Underground 2:55
D4 Dreams Of Children 3:08
D5 Start! 2:32
D6 Liza Radley 2:33
D7 Pretty Green 2:37
E1 Monday 3:01
E2 That’s Entertainment 3:33
E3 Man In The Cornershop 3:14
E4 Boy About Town 2:00
E5 Funeral Pyre 3:29
E6 Absolute Beginners 2:50
E7 Tales From The Riverbank 3:35
F1 Town Called Malice 2:53
F2 Precious 3:34
F3 Ghosts 2:12
F4 Just Who Is The Five O’Clock Hero? 2:16
F5 The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow) 3:34
F6 Beat Surrender 3:25
F7 Move On Up 3:38