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The roots of this collaboration go back to the early 1970s and coincided with the birth of another project by the duo, ‘Tarka’. The album ‘Gypsy Suite’ was originally released in 1995 and comprised a series of demo recordings of this beautiful and haunting music made between 1975 and 1978, along with original demos made of the ‘Tarka’ project (which would finally surface in completed form in 1988).

The recordings featured in this new version have all been newly re-mastered and a previously unreleased demo of ‘The Hunt’ has also been added.

This new expanded remastered release features an illustrated booklet with a new essay by Jonathan Dann.


1. Movement I: First Light
2. Movement II: Siesta
3. Movement III: Evening Circle
4. Movement IV: The Crystal Ball

Bonus tracks: The Tarka demos
5. Movement I: The Early Years
6. Movement II a: Streams, River & Salmon Hunting
7. Movement II b: Dunes & Estuary
8. Movement II c: Moonfield – Postscript
9. Movement III: The Hunt
(previously unreleased)