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Limited 12" EP: Frosted Clear Vinyl

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Sister Ray Says: Every song on this album is raw power. The booming sound of each track reflects the energy VLURE's live shows give, taking you on a journey through the night. The sound is booming and the lyrics are hard-hitting. This is a timeless album which is honest and raw, yet triumphant and confident. 

Vlure defy the rules, they rip up trends and create new ones. With a certain honesty and a vulnerability, they confront you and get under your skin. They make you feel things, the way music should.

"One of the most buzzy young bands Scotland has to offer." - Line Of Best Fit

"With their hard-hitting blend of electro-noir-glam, industrial-rave and post-punk - a sound that's simply designed to be blasted out in-person - we're all winners here: no venue is safe." - NME

"They are utterly ferocious, a band sent to alter the very fabric of the scene. It's pure filth, pure and utter brilliant filth." - Jack Saunders

"If you like Scalping, these guys are like an avant-garde version of that. I love this. Bet these guys are a riot live." - Sian Eleri, Radio 1


Show Me How To Live Again / Heartbeat / The Storm / I Won't Run (From Love) / Euphoria