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Esthetik of Destruction (RSD July 21)

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Limited to 500 copies

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500 copies on on Black vinyl. First time on vinyl for this singles compilation originally released on Rock Action in 2006. The singles are long out of print!! “It's like electronic stoner rock. Very doomy, very sabbath! Sit back and nod your head to it. I don't know what this sounds like!’ JACK OSBOURNE (review of Kling Klang’s Heavydale in Kerrang) KKKKK - Single of The Week // “I could not believe it when I saw that there was a band named Kling Klang from Liverpool. A group named after Kraftwerk's Dusseldorf studio? I had to check them out. Pounding Krautrock inspired Motorik beat, like Neu! welded to incessant Phillip Glass keyboard riffs on acid. But somehow creating their own authentic style. I had to go and say “hello” and offer them studio time. Great maverick music… Their recordings still sound amazing, and like no other band that I have heard before or since.” Andy Mccluskey, OMD // “I first heard Kling Klang when recording The Coral with Geoff Barrow (BEAK>) and we immediately loved them. Heavydale blew me away then and still does. When we curated All Tomorrows Parties festival we invited them to play, then invited them to come on our European Tour for our Album Third. They were so awesome live. For me, when they played it was the beginning of the whole show and not just a support band. So cool this collection of singles is happening.” Adrian Utley, Portishead // Tracklist 1 Heavydale 2 Superposition 1 3 Flying Hotel 4 Vander 5 Scanner 6 Apex 7 Rocker 8 Tesla's Future War 9 Nexus 10 Red Cuffs 11 Radio Hotel 12 Untitled@33RPM 13 Superposition 2 14 Radium 15 H'vydale

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