The Upsetters

Clint Eastwood/Many Moods Of The Upsetters

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Two of the most collectable Lee 'Scratch' Perry LPs of all time. Includes five tracks new to CD! Lee 'Scratch' Perry still actively performing throughout Europe. By the close of the Sixties, Lee 'Scratch' Perry was firmly established as one of Jamaica's most popular and innovative producers. His frequently quirky approach to music-making resulted in him becoming a firm favourite among British skinheads, with demand for his output satisfied by both of the UK's two leading reggae companies, Trojan and Pama Records.In 1969, the latter issued "Clint Eastwood", a 12 track LP comprising a dozen sides from the producer's recent catalogue, the majority of which had seen issue in the UK over the previous months as 7" singles on the company's Camel and Punch subsidiary labels. An instant best-seller, Pama needed little incentive to release a second collection of Perry's work and the following year issued "The Many Moods Of the Upsetters", a similarly styled collection, featuring a mix of instrumental and vocal material. Both of these best-selling albums feature on this must-have double disc set that also includes all of the producer's work released in the UK by Pama and Doctor Bird Records between 1969 and early 1970 - their number including a handful of tracks previously unavailable on CD. This is an essential purchase for all fans of the musical genius that is Lee 'Scratch' Perry and followers of the immensely popular boss reggae sound!


Disc 1
1. Return Of The Ugly
2. For A Few Dollars More
3. Prisoner Of Love
4. Dry Acid
5. Rightful Ruler
6. Clint Eastwood
7. Taste Of Killing
8. Selassie
9. What Is This
10. Aint No Love
11. My Mob
12. I’ve Caught You
13. Down In The Park
14. Strange Whisperings
15. Hard To Handle
16. Not Me
17. Facts Of Life
18. Can’t Get No Peace
19. Freedom Train
20. I’ll Be Waiting
21. Anyway
22. Love Oh Love
23. Broken Heart
24. Cut Down On Your Speed
Disc 2
1. Exray Vision
2. (‘Til) Can’t Take It Anymore
3. Soul Stew
4. Low Lights
5. Cloud Nine
6. Beware Fade
7. Serious Joke
8. Goosy
9. Prove It
10. Boss Society
11. Mean And Dangerous
12. Games People Play
13. Hit Me Back
14. Tribute To A King
15. Lennox Mood
16. You Betray Me
17. Never Get Away
18. Feel The Spirit
19. Soul Juice
20. Will You Still Love Me
21. Ram You Hard
22. Hello Dolly
23. The Result
24. Shocks Of Mighty