Champions (Deluxe Edition)

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Originally released in 2016, Champions has become something of a fan favorite and developed an enduring legacy as one of the band’s finest works. Nearly 7 years later we’re back with a special deluxe edition version of the album, just in time to coincide with the original lineup that recorded the album performing together again and label Royal Oakie celebrating their 10th Anniversary. The Deluxe Edition features 3 unreleased songs from the original sessions that serve to round out the band’s vision for the album, making an already epic double album into a masterpiece of sprawling ambition and scope. Highly anticipated deluxe edition of Whiskerman’s epic double album. Press coverage includes reviews and features in Flood, Glide Magazine, and more. UK/EU Publicity handled by Chris Carr & Mal Smith. “Over the last eight years the Oakland band Whiskerman has developed an underground reputation for tackling the sublime with their ambitious songwriting, thunderous stage show, and acute lyricism.”


1. Louie
2. Jackie & Delilah
3. Saturday
4. Troublemaker
5. Only One of Us Can See What the Universe Thinks of Beer
6. Buddy
7. It’s Easy Now
8. Law of the Hemisphere
9. Waking up in Providence
10. Everything Is Small
11. Champions
12. The Kingdom
13. Gold (I Don’t Mind It
14. Wonder
15. The Kid (Bonus Track)
16. My Motor (Bonus Track)
17. Riot of Indolence (Bonus Track)