100% Organic Pâté

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Limited LP : 140g Black Vinyl

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The hand-crafted debut album by Pâté, the second release on Devon-based label Zebra4ever!, was recorded in the sprayroom of a carpentry workshop in Bristol by multi-instrumentalists Jona Warbey and Sean Willmott using a free copy of Cubase on an old laptop with a broken screen.

Pâté’s sound is built around a strong rhythmic base with lots of percussive elements provided by Sean - the ideas often starting from a raw riff or phrase. The duo then go to town, layering the tracks up with guitars, random sounds, vocal ideas, and usually an old Casio through foot pedals and a cheap Minikorg. It’s all very quick and vibey.

This method resulted in nine beautiful songs which are, at their core, moments of pure DIY magic, with elements of guitar pop and subtle rock, jazz and electronica, all fusing to bring out a unique and refreshing sound that is hard to pin down. On playing P.A.T.E. from the album on BBC Radio 6 Music, DJ Gideon Coe said: "I am really very fond of that and the rest of the album is good as well".


A1 - Meet You In The Middle
A2 - End Of Summer
A3 - P.A.T.E.
A4 - You And Me

B1 - Taurus
B2 - Cross Communication
B3 - It's All Right
B4 - Int 1
B5 - Home