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Bad Wiring

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Limited LP : Indies exclusive poppy red vinyl

Dinked : Exclusive pale blue vinyl, exclusive die cut cover, bonus 7” (2 additional tracks ONLY available on Dinked vinyl), artworked inner bag, sticker sheet insert (note: these will also be in standard vinyl version), numbered edition of 550, download SOLD OUT

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Jeffrey has received praise from practically every major news and music outlet over the years, as well as awed testimonials from the likes of David (Silver Jews) Berman, Jarvis (Pulp) Cocker, Ben (Death Cab For Cutie) Gibbard, Will Oldham and others... and this new album “Bad Wiring” makes it completely clear why. In all of indie-rock there is no force like Jeffrey Lewis. Although mostly recognized for his lyrical skills (as well as his
illustration/comic book skills), the secret weapon in Lewis’s arsenal has been his slow evolution from DIY folkie in the late 90s to barn-burning indie-rock live sensation.
The album was recorded and produced in Nashville by Roger Moutenot, the man responsible for producing all of the classic Yo La Tengo albums. With the endlessly creative musical variety on display from Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage, and Lewis’s writing as sharp as ever, “Bad Wiring” could be the greatest album of Jeffrey’s 18-year career.
1. Exactly What Nobody Wanted
2. Except For The Fact That it isn’t
3. My Girlfriend Doesn’t Worry
4. Depression! Despair!
5. Till Question Marks Are Told
6. LPs
7. Knucklehead/Happy Rain
8. Take It For Granted
9. In Certain Orders
10. Where Is The Machine
11. Dogs Of My Neighborhood
12. Not Supposed To be Wise

Exclusive 7”

A. In Certain Orders (acoustic)

B. Not Supposed To Be Wise (acoustic)


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Brand new item available to buy online now, in store or click and collect.


All Or Nothing

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Shopping return with their new album "All Or Nothing" – a record that speaks about commitment, leaps of faith and tests of courage. “A lot has happened in our personal lives since we last recorded and we knew this album was going to reflect that exciting and scary feeling that comes with change, heartbreak and personal evolution”, the band explains. 

Since their last record the band are now spread across the globe with Billy in LA and Andrew and Rachel in Glasgow, and the songs were written in a two week intensive period while they were all together. Taking a bold leap towards pop with their most vibrant & punchy production to date, mixed and produced by Nick Sylvester.


Side A
1. Trust In Us
2. Initiative
3. Follow Me
4. No Apologies
5. For Your Pleasure
Side B
6. About You
7. Lies
8. Expert Advice
9. Body Clock
10. All Or Nothing

All Encores

"All Encores" collects all 3 of Nils' "Encores" EPs for a full album of 80 minutes.

“The idea behind "All Encores" is one we had from before "All Melody"; to separate releases each with their own distinct musical style and theme, perhaps even as a triple album. But "All Melody" became larger than itself and took over any initial concepts. I think the idea of "All Encores" is like musical islands that compliment "All Melody".”

Moulded during "All Melody" but refined by his live performances, "All Encores" is testament to Nils’ exceptional ability to craft his art on stage.
1. The Roughest Trade

2. Ringing

3. To Thomas

4. The Dane

5. Harmonium In The Well

6. Sweet Little Lies

7. A Walking Embrace

8. Talisman

9. Spells

10. Artificially Intelligent

11. All Armed

12. Amirador


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the classic punk-funk band, Mute release a 54 track ACR box set on either 7 coloured vinyl LPs or 4 CDs. Collects singles and b-sides and includes over 20 previously unreleased tracks.
1 All Night Party
2 The Thin Boys
3 Blown Away
4 Son And Heir
5 Waterline
6 Funaezekea
7 Abracadubra
8 Sommadub
9 Guess Who? (12"
10 Tumba Rumba
11 Knife Slits Water (12" version)
12 Kether Hot Knives (Mix In Special)
13 I Need Someone Tonight
14 Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing
15 Life's a Scream
16 There's Only This
17 Si Fermir O Grido (Touch Cassette Version)
18 Brazilia 6.10
19 Sounds Like Something Dirty
20 The Runner (Greetings Four Version)
21 Inside (Greetings Four Version)
22 Bootsy (Greetings Four Version)
23 Fever 103 (Greetings Four Version)
24 Loosen Up Your Mind
25 The Planet
27 27 Forever (Jon Dasilva's Testimonial Mix)
26 Turn Me on (7" Edit)
28 Shack up (Electronic Radio Edit)
29 Houses In Motion (Demo Version 1)
30 Houses In Motion (Demo Version 2)
31 And Then Again (Another version)
32 Piu Lento (John Peel Session)
33 Nostromo A Go Go (Demo)
34 Force (Demo)
35 Backs to The Wall (Demo)
36 The Big E (Demo)
37 Every Pleasure (Demo)
38 Rivers Edge (Demo)
39 Stadium (Demo)
40 Thin Grey Line (Demo)
41 Repercussions (African Mix)
42 BTTW 90 (Demo)
43 Spirit Dance (Demo)
44 Bitter Pill (Never Released)
45 It's Trippin When I'm Fine (Previously Unreleased)
46 Mello (JD 800 Perc Mix)
47 Tekno 4 an Answer (120bpm)
48 Samba 123 (Demo)
49 Some Day (ACR rework)
50 Happy Meal (Working Title)
51 Flight Won't Stop (Unfinished Demo)
52 Fruit Song (Unfinished Demo)
53 Say What You Mean (Unfinished Demo)
54 W.S.L.U.

Anthology 1

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Anthology 1 is a compilation album by the Beatles, released on 20 November 1995 by Apple Records as part of The Beatles Anthology series. It features rarities, outtakes and live performances from the period 1958–1964, including songs with original bass player Stuart Sutcliffe and drummer Pete Best. It is the first in a trilogy of albums with Anthology 2 and Anthology 3, all of which tie in with the televised special The Beatles Anthology. It contains "Free as a Bird", billed as the first new Beatles song in 25 years. The album topped the Billboard 200 album chart and was certified 8x Platinum by the RIAA.



The Beatles - Free As A Bird 4:24
John Lennon - "We're Four Guys ... That's All" 0:12
The Quarrymen - That'll Be The Day 2:07
The Quarrymen - In Spite Of All The Danger 2:44
Paul McCartney - "Sometimes I'd Borrow ... Those Still Exist" 0:17
The Beatles - Hallelujah, I Love Her So 1:13
The Beatles - You'll Be Mine 1:38
The Beatles - Cayenne 1:13
Paul McCartney - "First Of All ... I Didn't Do A Thing Here" 0:07
Tony Sheridan And The Beatles - My Bonnie 2:42
The Beatles - Ain't She Sweet 2:13
The Beatles - Cry For A Shadow 2:22
John Lennon - "Brian Was A Beautiful Guy ... He Presented Us Well" 0:10
Brian Epstein - "I Secured Them ... A Beatle Drink Even Then" 0:18
The Beatles - Searchin' 2:59
The Beatles - Three Cool Cats 2:25
The Beatles - The Sheik Of Araby 1:43
The Beatles - Like Dreamers Do 2:35
The Beatles - Hello Little Girl 1:40
Brian Epstein - "Well, The Recording Test ... By My Artists" 0:32
The Beatles - Besame Mucho 2:37
The Beatles - Love Me Do 2:31
The Beatles - How Do You Do It 1:57
The Beatles - Please Please Me 1:59
The Beatles - One After 909 (Sequence) 2:23
The Beatles - One After 909 (Complete) 2:55
The Beatles - Lend Me Your Comb 1:49
The Beatles - I'll Get You 2:08
John Lennon - "We Were Performers ... In Britain" 0:12
The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There 2:48
The Beatles - From Me To You 2:05
The Beatles - Money (That's What I Want) 2:52
The Beatles - You Really Got A Hold On Me 2:58
The Beatles - Roll Over Beethoven 2:21

The Beatles - She Loves You (Live At The Prince Of Wales Theatre, London/1963) 2:50
The Beatles - Till There Was You (Live At The Prince Of Wales Theatre, London/1963) 2:54
The Beatles - Twist And Shout (Live At The Prince Of Wales Theatre, London/1963) 3:05
The Beatles - This Boy 2:22
The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand 2:36
The Beatles - With Morecambe And Wise* "Boys, What I Was Thinking ..." 2:05
The Beatles - With Morecambe And Wise* Moonlight Bay 0:49
The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love 2:10
The Beatles - All My Loving 2:19
The Beatles - You Can't Do That 2:42
The Beatles - And I Love Her 1:52
The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night 2:43
The Beatles - I Wanna Be Your Man 1:47
The Beatles - Long Tall Sally 1:45
The Beatles - Boys 1:49
The Beatles - Shout 1:31
The Beatles - I'll Be Back (Take 2) 1:12
The Beatles - I'll Be Back (Take 3) 1:57
The Beatles - You Know What To Do (Demo) 1:58
The Beatles - No Reply (Demo) 1:36
The Beatles - Mr. Moonlight (Takes 1 & 4) 2:47
The Beatles - Leave My Kitten Alone 2:56
The Beatles - No Reply (Take 2) 2:29
The Beatles - Eight Days A Week (Sequence) 1:25
The Beatles - Eight Days A Week (Complete) 2:47
The Beatles - Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! (Take 2) 2:44


3D Routine

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Limited LP : Limited edition orange vinyl

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Following on from their "Induction Party" E.P, Mush are circulating their own sonic mythology, blurring the lines between abstract surrealism, existentialism and social commentary. Like its predecessor "3D Routine" is a sensory overload of clattering, hooky, guitar work. However, this time space emerges between the onslaughts and in this respite, room is found for new emotional depth. More expansive than ever before, 3D Routine manages to maintain the rawness of a classic debut but it’s experimentation and variety portray a band unlikely to rest on their ‘guitar band’ chops.

Songwriter Dan Hyndman explains the genesis of the band as being “fairly boiler plate” a combination of friends old and new converging in Leeds post-uni to form a band predominantly united in their mutual affection for the Pavement back catalogue. Finally settling on a lineup of Nick Grant (bass), Tyson (guitar) and Phil Porter (drums) the band’s progression has taken them far beyond this original vision.

The way in which the album brazenly moves from polished 3- minute punk tracks, to avant-garde spoken word, to sardonic- political funk, whilst sounding like the same band is testament to an uncompromisingly unrefined ethic and compounds the jarring nature of Mush. Together, the songs form a unified, abrasive, emotive, frenetic and entirely beguiling concoction of sound and opinion, a fast-moving snapshot of current times, relatable, politically minded and incredibly personal. Music for those who want their guitars loud and weird, and their political commentary a little less ‘on the nose'.

1. Revising My Fee
2. Eat The Etiquette
3. Existential Dread
4. Coronation Chicken
5. Island Mentality
6. Fruits Of The Happening
7. Hey Gammonhead!
8. 3D Routine
9. Gig Economy
10. Poverty Pornography
11. No Signal In The Paddock
12. Alternative Facts