The Cigarettes

You Were So Young

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“ You Were So Young” consists of everything that The Cigarettes ever recorded in what was their two year life span. From the very beginnings in the rehearsal room through to tracks recorded for an unreleased third single. It includes the two singles and their flip sides, some tracks that were included on a local compilation album, and their solitary John Peel session along with a handful that never found their way onto a record.
Side 1

1. They’re Back Again, Here They Come

2. I’ve Forgot My Number (Now I’m Telling You My Name)

3. All We Want is Your Money

4. Can’t Sleep at Night

5. It’s the Only Way to Live (Die)

6. Stay Inside

Side 2

7. Looking at You

8. Frivolous Disguises

9. Run

10. After All

11. Don’t

12. Screaming Dreaming

Side 3

13. You Were So Young

14. Damage Your Health
15. Miranda

16. Media Menia

17. Surrender

18. Valium World

Side 4

19. Can’t Sleep At Night (John Peel Session)

20. Frivolous Disguises (John Peel Session)

21. It’s The Only Way To Live (Die) (John Peel Session)

22. Valium World (John Peel Session)