Ocean Colour Scene

Yesterday Today 1999 – 2003

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All beginnings start with a name. And so, in October 1989, Simon Fowler, Steve Cradock, Damon Minchella and Oscar Harrison sat down together, chose their three favourite words, arranged them in a satisfactory order and became Ocean Colour Scene.

Thirty five years on, and Ocean Colour Scene are still together: making music and regularly selling out huge concert halls across the country. They have the support of an extraordinarily dedicated and loyal fan base who cherish their music and hold close to their hearts a lifetime of memories supporting the group.

Continuing our celebration of one of Britain’s finest bands Demon Records are proud
to present Yesterday Today 1999 to 2003. This is the next in the ongoing series where
we focus on a period from the bands illustrious career and pull together their studio
albums in one concise vinyl box.

Within this boxset set you’ll find One From The Modern; the bands fourth album that at
the time represented something of a slight departure from the previous two. A more
reflective, soulful and pastoral sound as well as a more political message, albeit with a
late-60s psychedelic slant, reminiscent of The Byrds, Small Faces or later-period Beatles.
The band firth album Mechanical Wonder peaked in the UK chart at #7 and lasted four
weeks in the top 75.

Tracks such as Up On The Downside, If I Gave You My Hear & Mechanical Wonder represent a continuation of the popular Ocean Colour Scene sound. Plus this is the first time this album has been reissued on vinyl since it was first released in 2001. Finishing off the set is North Atlantic Drift, which is also appearing on vinyl for the first time since it’s initial release. An exceptionally good album that ranks alongside the band's best, featuring tracks I Just Need Myself, Golden Gate Bridge and Second Hand Car.

Put together in full coordination with the band, all of these albums have been
remastered by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering and now pressed on limited edition remastered by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering and now pressed on limited edition 140g colour vinyl box set.


LP1: One From The Modern (1999)
A1. Profit In Peace
A2. So Low
A3. I Am The News
A4. No One At All
A5. Families
A6. Step By Step

B1. July
B2. Jane She Got Excavated
B3. Emily Chambers
B4. Soul Driver
B5. The Waves
B6. I Won’t Get Grazed

LP2: Mechanical Wonder (2001)
A1. Up On The Downside
A2. In My Field
A3. Sail On My Boat
A4. Biggest Thing
A5. We Made It More

B1. Give Me A Letter
B2. Mechanical Wonder
B3. You Are Amazing
B4. If I Gave You My Heart
B5. Can’t Get Back To The Baseline
B6. Something For Me

LP 3: North Atlantic Drift (2003)
A1. I Just Need Myself
A2. Oh Collector
A3. North Atlantic Drift
A4. Golden Gate Bridge
A5. Make The Deal
A6. For Every Corner

B1. On My Way
B2. Second Hand Car
B3. She’s Been Writing
B4. The Song Goes On
B5. When Evil Comes