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Xen is the debut studio album by Venezuelan electronic musician Arca, released on 4 November 2014 through Mute Records. The album was recorded over a largely improvised six-month period in 2014. Pitchfork stated: "Taken as a whole, it is an album about unstable unities, things that cannot easily hold together, wholes breaking to pieces and being put back together again in new and unfamiliar shapes." PopMatters said: "This is uncompromising stuff, with little holding back, and the end effect is one that wears not just its heart, but its soul, on its sleeve." Resident Advisor said "Xen remains as singular–and often as brilliant–as the rest of the Arca catalogue." Fact wrote: "Even if his chops as a producer aren't in question, the writing on Xen is too patchy to fully realise Ghersi's ambitions. Still, it's hardly lacking in ideas.

A1 Now You Know 3:58
A2 Held Apart 1:20
A3 Xen 3:18
A4 Sad Bitch 1:55
A5 Sisters 2:21
A6 Slit Thru 2:12
A7 Failed 3:40
A8 Family Violence 2:13
B1 Thievery 2:33
B2 Lonely Thugg 2:56
B3 Fish 2:07
B4 Wound 2:09
B5 Bullet Chained 2:51
B6 Tongue 2:59
B7 Promise 2:52