Woof Woof

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‘Woof Woof’ has existed somewhere for a long time, throbbing underneath the surface and masquerading as anything other than the pure energy it is, waiting to be extracted and moulded into a form that can be consumed by you and me. With ‘Woof Woof’, Arthur beams pure-pop-liminality straight into the world, full of contradictions and twists, confusion and magic.

This is an album that thrives in the in-betweens it creates then slips itself into. Decisions that may seem off-kilter or strange to other artists seem effortless to Arthur, pulled from another world, a world hidden to the average listener, hidden maybe for good reason. ‘Woof Woof’ leaves you wondering from what dimension Arthur crossed over and how you can get there as soon as possible.

There is a valley between sound and music that ‘Woof Woof’ fills in with objects seemingly grabbed at random, from voicemails to dog barks, an uneasy path is created to bridge the divide.

There is a maze in Arthur’s debut album, and he doesn't care if you make it out in one piece.


Woof Woof
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