Why Foot? (LRS 2021)

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LP (Clear Vinyl)

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Foot are: Don Fleming, Jim Dunbar and Thurston Moore – vintage analogue synthesizers. This album has been Remodelled by Tim Newman and his associates from the Track ‘Early Foot’, which originally appeared on the God Bless Records CD ‘foot’ in 1998, recorded as part of the Canal Street Series at Jimbo’s Pad, NYC in the early days of Nemocore, winter 1996. Liberated from the traditional constraints of time signature and key signature and fixed changes. Where sound responds to music. Tracklist Side 1 01. Late Foot (23.03) Side 2 01. Foot Resource 1 (4.04) 02. Foot Resource 5 (3.00) 03. Foot Resource 2 (2.37) 04. Foot Resource 4 (8.51) A Remodelled Fucked Up Instant Mayhem Production Side 1: Remix and additional production by Tim Newman and Whitehall Rec Side 2: Remix and additional production by Tim Newman, Whitehall Rec and Remote

Love Record Stores 2021 release. This title will be available to purchase in store from 9AM on Saturday September 4th and will be available online from 9PM on Saturday September 4th.

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