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Sandwell District are issuing a compilation of singles from the collective's history, entitled ‘WHERE NEXT ?’, featuring tunes by Function, Silent Servant, Regis and more, some of which have never previously been released.

This release comes off the back of the reissue of their seminal album 'Feed Forward', released in 2023 as a 3LP boxset which sold out all 1000 copies almost immediately.

The collective have also recently played festival sets in Germany (Atonal Fest), Japan (Rural Festival), Spain (MIRA Festival) and many more.


Side A

1 Reykjavik
2 Hypnotica Scale (Original Mix)
3 Haiku (Regis Edit)

Side B

1 Disaffected
2 Violencia (Kalon Mix)
3 Man Is The Superior Animal (Regis Original 12" mix)

Side C

1 Sampler 1 B1 (Regis Edit)
2 Mad Youth (OD Edit)
3 Discipline (OD Edit)

Side D

1Variance Variance (CH-Signal Laboratories Edit)
2Ember (New Mix)