Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

When We Are Inhuman

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Julius Eastman and Will Oldham are kindred spirits. Self-styled provocateurs, they have positioned themselves on the outskirts of distinct traditions, pulling all manners of musical influence towards their outré stance. Eastman, who passed away in 1990 and whose work is experiencing a necessary revival, harnessed the vocabulary of minimalism for joyfully insurgent ends; Oldham’s songwriting regularly conjures a pantheon that Greil Marcus called “the old, weird America.”

Last spring, these two visionaries collided at Cincinnati’s MusicNOW Festival, and any distance between them was mediated by curator Bryce Dessner and ensemble Eighth Blackbird. On this album, woven between new arrangements of Oldham’s cryptic songs and Eastman’s iconic “Stay On It” are several of Dessner’s “Murder Ballades,” works that tease out the homicidal strain of old folk tunes.
Side A

Beast For Thee

Down In The Willow Garden

New Partner

Underneath The Floorboards

Side B

One With The Birds

When Thy Song

Banks Of Red Roses

Side C

Stay On It

Side D