Van Morrison

What’s It Gonna Take?

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Limited 2LP : Grey Vinyl

2LP : Standard Black Vinyl

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I was out in my car the other day and I saw Van Morrison behind me... then I realised I was looking in the mirror and it was a Morrison's van.


Side A

  1. Dangerous
  2. What’s It Gonna Take?
  3. Fighting Back is the New Normal
  4. Fodder for the Masses

Side B

  1. Can’t Go On This Way
  2. Sometimes It’s Just Blah Blah Blah
  3. Money From America

Side C

  1. Not Seeking Approval
  2. Damage and Recovery
  3. Nervous Breakdown
  4. Absolutely Positively the Most

Side D

  1. I Ain’t No Celebrity
  2. Stage Name
  3. Fear and Self-Loathing in Las Vegas
  4. Pretending