Yabby You

Walls Of Jerusalem

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Expanded edition of 1976 LP with unreleased mixes and studio outtakes. This 2CD version includes two bonus tracks on the second disc, tracks 11 and 12.
Disc 1 is entitled Yabby You Meets King Tubby; disc 2 is entitled Studio Outtakes & More Versions.


Yabby You Meets King Tubby
CD1-1 Yabby You– Walls Of Jerusalem 3:40
CD1-2 Yabby You– Chant Down Babylon 2:30
CD1-3 Yabby You– Fire Round Town 3:26
CD1-4 Yabby You– Plague On The Land 3:08
CD1-5 Yabby You– Tribulation 3:45
CD1-6 Yabby You– Go To School Jah Jah Children 3:08
CD1-7 King Tubby– Dub Of Jerusalem 3:42
CD1-8 King Tubby– Chanting Dub 2:45
CD1-9 King Tubby– Firey Dub 3:45
CD1-10 King Tubby– Dub Plague 3:24
CD1-11 King Tubby– Tribulation Dub 3:55
CD1-12 King Tubby– School Days Dub 3:25
Studio Outtakes & More Versions
CD2-1 Vivian Jackson And The Prophets– The Man Who Does The Work 3:20
CD2-2 Smith* And The Prophets– Valley Of Joeasaphat 3:32
CD2-3 Vivian Jackson And The Prophets– Go To School Jah Jah Children 3:43
CD2-4 Vivian Jackson And The Prophets– Love Of Jah 4:29
CD2-5 Tommy McCook– Sand In My Shoe 4:27
CD2-6 The Prophets– Jah Vengeance 2:58
CD2-7 King Tubby– Greetings 3:01
CD2-8 The Prophets– Fire Fire Dub 2:32
CD2-9 The Prophets– Stand Up And Fight Dub 3:34
CD2-10 King Tubby– Sand In My Shoe Dub 3:00
CD2-11 The Prophets– Prophets Dub 3:14
CD2-12 The Prophets– Repatriation Rock 3:23