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The 8th album from New York City's !!! (Chk Chk Chk) recorded over the past year in lead singer Nic Offer’s Brooklyn apartment. The band picks up where 2017’s "Shake The Shudder" left off, further exploring the fringes of dance music with a focused edge, a care-free spirit, and their signature knack for big hooks, leading to new creative highs in a career filled with them. "Our process was to get loose and get into uncharted territory,” says Offer.
01. Let It Change U
02. Couldn't Have Known
03. Off The Grid
04. In The Grid
05. Serbia Drums
06. My Fault
07. Slow Motion
08. Slo Mo
09. $50 Million
10. Domino
11. Rhythm Of The Gravity
12. UR Paranoid
13. This Is The Door
14. This Is The Dub