The Vapors

Waiting For The Weekend: The United Artists & Liberty Recordings

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• 76 track deluxe 4CD clamshell box set containing the original albums ‘New Clear Days’ and ‘Magnets’ plus B-sides & single versions

• Includes 2CDs of previously unreleased demos, rough mixes, alternative and live versions featuring their performance from The Rainbow on 3rd December 1979.

• Featuring three songs ‘Move’, ‘Secret Noise’ and ‘Caroline’ that have never officially previously been released.

• With a fully illustrated 24-page booklet containing rare and previously unseen photos with a brand new annotation by Ed Piller.

Formed in 1978 and “discovered” by The Jam’s Bruce Foxton and managed by Paul Weller’s Dad John they signed to United Artists in 1979, their second single ‘Turning Japanese’ becoming an enormous international hit reaching number three in the UK and number one in Australia. It was also a major hit in New Zealand, Canada and reached No. 36 in the US single charts.

Their debut LP ‘New Clear Days’ (No.44 – UK albums chart) was released in 1979 and their second album ‘Magnets’ in early 1981. The band never repeated the same degree of commercial success as ‘Turning Japanese’ but developed a global following prior to their split in the early ‘80s.

Some 35 years later The Vapors reformed in 2016 and again in 2020 to release their third album ‘Together’ and continue to regularly play live shows.

Packaged in a deluxe clamshell box, this 4CD set contains their two albums ‘New Clear Days’ and ‘Magnets’ as well as the single versions and B-sides. Researched and mastered from the original master tapes retrieved from the EMI Archives, it also contains two CDs featuring previously unreleased demos, rough mixes, alternative versions plus the bands live set from The Rainbow in December 1979.


New Clear Days (Expanded Version)

1. Spring Collection
2. Turning Japanese
3. Cold War
4. America
5. Trains
6. Bunkers
7. News At Ten
8. Somehow
9. Sixty Second Interval
10. Waiting For The Weekend
11. Letter From Hiro

Bonus Tracks
12. Prisoners
13. Sunstroke
14. Here Comes The Judge (Live)
15. News At Ten (Single Version)
16. Wasted
17. Talk Talk
18. Waiting For The Weekend (Single Version)
19. Billy
20. Turning Japanese (Edit)
21. Move (Demo)*

Magnets (Expanded Version)

1. Jimmie Jones
2. Spiders
3. Isolated Case
4. Civic Hall
5. Live At The Marquee
6. Daylight Titans
7. Johnny’s In Love (Again)
8. Can’t Talk Anymore
9. Lenina
10. Silver Machines
11. Magnets

Bonus Tracks

12. Galleries For Guns
13. Jimmie Jones (Single Version)
14. Daylight Titans (Single Version)
15. Spiders (Single Version)
16. Interview With Dave Fenton

New Clear Days Alternative Versions
1. Spring Collection (Demo)*
2. Turning Japanese (Alternative Version)*
3. Cold War (Rough Mix)*
4. America (Demo)*
5. Trains (Rough Mix)*
6. Bunkers (Demo)*
7. News At Ten (Alternative Version)*
8. Somehow (Instrumental)*
9. Sixty Second Interval (Demo)*
10. Waiting For The Weekend (Demo)*
11. Letter From Hiro (Rough Mix)*
12. Turning Japanese (Edit) (Demo)*
13. Prisoners (Demo)*
14. Wasted (Rough Mix)*
15. Spring Collection (Rough Mix)*
16. Turning Japanese (Alternative Extended Mix)*
17. Cold War (Rough Mix Edit)*
18. America (Instrumental)*
19. Waiting For The Weekend (Rough Mix)*
20. Cold War (Alternative Rough Mix)*
21. Turning Japanese (Instrumental)*

* Previously Unreleased

Alternative Versions
& Live At The Rainbow 03/12/1979
1. Jimmie Jones (Rough Mix)*
2. Civic Hall (Rough Mix)*
3. Live At The Marquee (Rough Mix)*
4. Johnny’s In Love (Again) (Rough Mix)*
5. Galleries For Guns (Rough Mix)*
6. Secret Noise*
7. Galleries For Guns (Alternative Rough Mix)*

Live At The Rainbow 03/12/1979

8. Caroline*
9. Somehow*
10. Bunkers*
11. Sunstroke*
12. Cold War*
13. Waiting For The Weekend*
14. Sixty Second Interval*
15. Spring Collection*
16. Turning Japanese*
17. America*
18. Prisoners*

* Previously Unreleased