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Lee Thompson: One Mans Madness

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One Man's Madness is a mocku-rocku-documentary about the mysterious Lee 'Kix' Thompson. As the high-flying, cross-dressing, mickey-taking, sax player from Madness, Lee's life is more extraordinary than most; who else could assume the roles of their own wife / sister / label boss / bandmates in a film about his career?. This 2CD compliation from the film is jam-packed with 28 hits by Madness, plus songs by Ian Dury, The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra and Lee's side project, Crunch! and exposes the man, his showmanship and his genius includes 12 page booklet.


1 Lee "Kix" Thompson– Title Music / House of Fun
2 Lee "Kix" Thompson– House of Fun (opera intro)
3 Madness– House of Fun
4 Lee "Kix" Thompson– NW5 (opera intro)
5 Madness– NW5
6 Madness– Night boat to cairo
7 Madness– Decieves the eye
8 Madness– My Girl
9 Madness– Rockin in Ab
10 Ian Dury– England's Glory (Demo)
11 Madness– Razor blade alley
12 Madness– The Prince
13 Madness– One step beyond
14 Madness– Swan Lake
15 Madness– Land of hope and glory
16 Madness– Baggy Trousers
17 Lee "Kix" Thompson– Embarrassment (opera intro)
18 Madness– Embarrassment
19 Madness– The return of the Los Palmas 7
20 Madness– Tomorrow's just another day
21 Crunch!– It's ok i'm a policeman
22 Crunch!– Magic Carpet
23 Madness– Shut up
24 Madness– It must be love
25 Madness– Overdone
26 Lee "Kix" Thompson– Lovestruck (opera intro)
27 Madness– Lovestruck
28 Madness– Johnny the horse
29 Madness– Drip fed Fred
30 Madness– Dust Devil
31 Madness– Wings of a dove
32 Madness– Whistle in the dark
33 Madness– Madness
34 Madness– Yesterday's man
35 Madness– Michael Caine
36 The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra– Bangarang
37 Lee "Kix" Thompson– Sit down and wonder
38 The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra– bite the bullet