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Additive Noise Function

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Formative UK, European and North American electronica 1978-1984. Excursions in proto synth-pop, DIY techno and futurist exploration.


A1 Five Times Of Dust– The Single Off The Album
A2 O Yuki Conjugate– Sedation
A3 Nagamatzu– Faith
A4 Spöön Fazer– Back To The Beginning
A5 Konstruktivist*– Western Vein
B1 Thomas Leer– Tight As A Drum
B2 Bourbonese Qualk– God With Us
B3 Portion Control– Go For The Throat
B4 The Legendary Pink Dots– God Speed
B5 Renaldo And The Loaf*– Dying Inside
C1 André De Koning– Party Talk
C2 D.A.F.*– Ich Will
C3 Carlos Perón*– Impersonator
C4 Minny Pops– Son
C5 Front 242– Principles
C6 E.M.A.K.*– Ohne Titel
D1 Les Vampyrettes– Biomutanten
D2 BeNe GeSSeRiT– Hymne Au Ver
D3 Asmus Tietchens– Troglodyten
D4 Plus Instruments– More Fun With Korg
D5 Schaltkreis Wassermann– LUX
E1 Futurisk– Push Me, Pull You (Pt 2)
E2 Data-Bank-A– Creators
E3 K. Leimer– Archie's Dub
E4 Rhythm And Noise*– Current Slaughter
E5 Galen Herod– Lowdown
E6 Blackhouse– Be Good
F1 Richard Bone– Mambopolis
F2 The Residents– 99 Space Music
F3 Marc Barreca– Oleo Strut
F4 Tuxedomoon– Nite And Day (Homage À Cole Porter)
F5 Hunting Lodge– Simulation-Stimulation (Edit)