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Originally released in 2013, this 2018 pressing is the first time Yosi's sublime dreamlike opus has been committed to vinyl.

His debut album incorporates many natural sounds: Tibetan bells, frog song, dripping water, bicycle bells, a pencil scribbling on paper....

Some tracks contain more than 100 different layers of audio and effects, which Horikawa patiently builds up and strips away until he’s achieved the desired result.

A1 Intro
A2 Bump
A3 Maki
A4 Splash
A5 Beer
B1 Wandering
B2 Interlude
B3 Summer In 1987
B4 Kingdom Of Frogs
C1 Rainbow
C2 Cave
C3 Starlings
C4 Letter
D1 Stars
D2 Grandpa
D3 Outro
D4 Yoggo (Bonus Track)