Dog In The Snow

Vanishing Lands

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LP : Clear vinyl

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The debut album from Brighton's Helen Ganya Brown AKA Dog In The Snow, an imposing, haunting and luminous collection of songs in the darker spaces between dream-pop, art-rock and electronica, lifted by euphoric melodies, ravishing vocals and absorbing lyrics.

"Vanishing Lands" was initially created at Brown’s home in Brighton before co-producer Rob Flynn helped her add shifting, impressionistic swathes of colour, from the ominous chords that open ‘Light’ to the vocal eddies that close ‘Dark’. Brown wrote 8 of the 10 songs in a 3-week spell after a period of “strange dreams”. She recalls: “Dreams in black and white. I found myself in a dreamland and discovered it was being destroyed. I chose "Vanishing Lands" as an album title because it sounded suitably desolate, and lent the songs a feeling of cohesion."
1. Light
2. Bloom
3. Dual Terror
4. Monochrome
5. This Only City
6. Icaria
7. Gold
8. Roses
9. Fall Empire
10. Dark