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The album Vagabon was written and produced entirely by  Vagabon (aka Lætitia Tamko).  We are treated to a collection of songs buoyed by hybridized analogue and digital arrangements.  Grounded by Tamko's expressive voice and knack for unique melodies, the album flits between genres, never lingering too long on one particular sensibility. Lead single ‘Flood’ exemplifies this growth; the production ebbs like a gentle tide before a cavernous drumbeat kicks in and the tone shifts completely.  "I know, even if I run from it I'm still in it," Tamko sings over and over again, her capacious voice conveying a sense of resignation in the face of an external force beyond her control.  The chorus is a hypnotic bit of pop alchemy that lingers long after the runtime. 

  1. Full Moon In Gemini

  2. Flood

  3. Secret Medicine

  4. Water Me Down

  5. In A Bind

  6. Wits About You

  7. Please Don’t Leave The Table

  8. Home Soon

  9. Every Woman

  10. Full Moon In Gemini (Monako Reprise)