Ocean Grove

Up In The Air Forever

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Limited LP: Neon Purple Vinyl

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As a gift to Ocean Grove’s “Junkies” (the already-citizens of the Oddworld) and for those uninitiated, the trio have lovingly created their third full-length album Up In The Air Forever and its tangible companion, The Oddworld 3000. With its release, Ocean Grove are inviting all to strap on the sneaker and fasten themselves to the Oddworld movement. It’s an extended hand of hope and validation to anyone that feels like an outsider on this planet – a personal welcome from Dale, Twiggy and Sam to step beyond the normal and into the freedom of the anti-normal. A 10-track, genre-bending epic musical journey, Up In The Air Forever is characterised by strong anarchic sentiments and resentment for a system that squashes individualism and creativity.


1. Flava
2. Sex Dope Gold
3. Cali Sun
4. Bustin
5. Silver Lining
6. HMU
7. Bored
8. Noise
9. Silence
10. Up In The Air Forever