Up For The Down Stroke

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In 1974, George Clinton returned to the Parliament name for the first time since 1970's brilliantly bonkers "Osmium", having released 4 bona fide classic albums as Funkadelic in the interim period.

Released almost simultaneously with Funkadelic's excellent 6th album "Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On", this started a run in which there was an album by both acts each year, with the Parliament releases focusing more on soul and funk and the Funkadelic releases were more focused on heavier psychedelic funk and rock.

The title track became P-Funk's first hit single, and the album contains 2 updated versions of songs originally recorded by the doo wop band The Parliaments (which P-Funk mutated out of): "All Your Goodies Are Gone" and "Testify".
1. Up For The Down Stroke

2. Testify

3. The Goose

4. I Can Move You (If You Let Me)

Side B
1. I Just Got Back (From The Fantasy: Ahead Of Our Time In The Four Lands Of Elliot)

2. All Your Goodies Are Gone

3. Whatever Makes Baby Feel Good

4. Presence Of A Brain