Yoshio Ojima

Une Collection des Chaînons I and II: Music for Spiral

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First ever reissue for both volumes of Yoshio Ojima’s superb environmental music project "Une Collection des Chaînons I and II: Music For Spiral", originally released in 1988. The full 20 track opus is sourced from original masters and comes as a 2CD with liner notes in English and Japanese or as 2 seperate 2LPs. 
"Une Collection des Chaînons I and II" gathers selected music pieces conceptualized and produced for sound-designing the Wacoal Art Center in Aoyama (Tokyo) also known as Spiral, a hub for a wide range of sophisticated cultural proposals spanning visual arts, theatre, music, design, fashion, and lifestyle. Sitting alongside Midori Takada’s "Through The Looking Glass", Satoshi Ashikawa’s "Still Way", Hiroshi Yoshimura’s "Green", or Yutaka Hirose’s "NOVA", as a pivotal work of Japanese environmental/ambient/minimalist music, "Une Collection des Chaînons" (which translates as a collection of links) is a delicately laid out sonic landscape connecting space and emotions, architecture and humanity, adjusting and transforming through the ears of the listeners.


CD1 (2LP Vol I)
01. Entrance 6:05
02. Esplanade [LIVE] 8:29
03. Float on 5:41
04. Glass Chattering 5:52
05. Entomology (misfortune) 3:24
06. Flius 9:30
07. Mensis 10:23
08. Serene 4:49
09. #1 (11-02) 7:28
10. #4 (11-10) 10:01
CD2 (2LP Vol II)
01. Les Trois Grâces 7:51
02. Evocations 7:12
03. Orientate 5:06
04. Pulse at Soothe 9:15
05. Parjanya 11:47
06. Entomology (Let’s GO-GO) 4:09
07. Atrium 8:27
08. Market 7:08
09. Sealed 5:52
10. Signe (Ambient Mix) 4:48