Eric Copeland

Trogg Modal Vol. 1

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Parris (Trilogy Tapes, Hemlock) and RAMZi (RVNG, 12th Isle) both take on the singsongy rhythms of “Heads.” Parris’ take pares down the track, giving it room to glisten and expand, while RAMZi’s paddles along in a characteristically murky, laid-back manner.

Lokier (Days Of Being Wild, Spirits) goes in for the jugular with an acidic rework of “321 Contact,” repurposing vocal

samples as spooky EBM.

Closing out the record is Gerry Read (Aus, Accidental Jnr), who pits the heavy stomp of “Electric Mud” against whizzing frequencies.
1. Heads (Parris Remix)
2. Heads (RAMZi Remix)
3. 321 Contact (Lokier Remix)
4. Electric Mud (Gerry Read Remix)