Travelling Without Moving (25th Anniversary)

  • Released: 21/01/2022
  • Label: Sony
  • Genre: Pop

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Limited 2LP : Yellow Vinyl

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Travelling Without Moving; long considered one of Jamiroquai’s most popular albums and the best-selling funk album of all time celebrates it’s 25th year in 2021 with this special heavy weight coloured vinyl release.

Originally released in September 1996, the album features seminal hits
‘Virtual Insanity’ & Cosmic Girl’ which helped catapult it to #2 in the UK charts and Jamiroquai into the limelight globally.

This edition includes an updated sleeve for 2021, new liner notes by Jamiroquai frontman JayKay and the Dimitri From Paris Remix Radio Edit of Cosmic Girl, previously only available physically in limited numbers on Dimitri From Paris’ own label.


Side A

  1. Virtual Insanity
  2. Cosmic Girl
  3. Use the Force
  4. Everyday

Side B

  1. Alright
  2. High Times
  3. Drifting Along
  4. Didjerama

Side C

  1. Didjital Vibrations
  2. Travelling Without Moving
  3. You Are My Love
  4. Spend a Lifetime

Side D

  1. Do You Know Where You're Coming From?
  2. Funktion (Ruff Mix)
  3. Cosmic Girl (Dimitri From Paris Remix Radio Edit)