Trails Of Fails

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Limited LP : White Coloured Vinyl

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Dutch vocalist Anouk is one of the most popular rock singers of The Netherlands. Her big breakthrough happened back in 1994, but she has been making hits ever since. Due to her versatile repertoire, she's able to surprise us each time with new work in a different direction.

Her brand new album Trails of Fails describes her desire to keep on growing and discover new musical grounds. Trails of Fails is, in fact, a mini-album, consisting of seven tracks. Anouk recorded the album together with high profile producer Jim Abbiss, who previously worked with Arctic Monkeys, Adele and Kasabian amongst others. The tracks were written during her year-long quarantine due to COVID-19, during which she was separated from both her husband and children. The results are seven very personal and intimate tracks.

Trails of Fails is available as a limited edition of 2000 individually numbered copies on white coloured vinyl. The B-side contains a unique photoprint.


1. I Must Walk Away
2. Something Better
3. Behind Your Words
4. Spring On A Winter’s Day
5. Going For The Kill
6. Great For Us
7. Don’t Change