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Limited 2LP : Limited edition double gold vinyl

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The 5th Todd Rundgren album (and his 2nd double album), continuing the experimental vein of the preceding classic "A Wizard, A True Star". As well as pop and electronic experiments Rundgren also tinkers with the synth-heavy progressive sound he would take further with his later band Utopia. Includes the hit ballad "A Dream Goes On Forever" and a version of Gilbert & Sullivan's "Love, Unrequited" called "Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song".
Side 1

"How About a Little Fanfare?" (1:03)
"I Think You Know" (3:04)
"The Spark of Life" (6:23)
"An Elpee's Worth of Toons" (2:09)
"A Dream Goes On Forever" (2:21)
"Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song" (3:32)
Side 2
"Drunken Blue Rooster" (3:00)
"The Last Ride" (4:48)
"Everybody's Going to Heaven/King Kong Reggae" (6:38)
Side 3
"No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator" (5:12)
"Useless Begging" (3:40)
"Sidewalk Cafe" (2:15)
"Izzat Love?" (1:55)
"Heavy Metal Kids" (4:16)
Side 4
"In and Out the Chakras We Go (Formerly: Shaft Goes to Outer Space)" (5:47)
"Don't You Ever Learn?" (6:04)
"Sons of 1984" (4:34)