Time’s Arrow

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This double album collects together Colosseum’s live BBC sessions during 1970 and traces the band’s evolution during that critical year in their brief existence. Tracks 1-5 come from John Peel's Sunday Show at the BBC Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street on March 5, 1970; with Tony Reeves on bass. The set includes a melange of tracks from Valentyne Suite (The Machine Demands A Sacrifice), The Grass Is Greener (Jumping Off The Sun) and the as-yet-unreleased Daughter of Time (Theme For An Imaginary Western, Take Me Back To Doomsday).

Tracks 6-8 are from the Mike Harding Show recorded at BBC Maida Vale 5 on March the 31st, 1970, this time with Mark Clarke installed on bass, while disc 2 includes the full set from the final Colosseum line-up, with Chris Farlowe taking vocals on John Peel's Sunday Show on the 29th October. This final performance includes material from across the band’s career, including a particularly rousing rendition of the classic Lost Angeles. Time’s Arrow is an essential record of the changing shape of Colosseum during the band’s classic, ground-breaking period.



01. Jumping Off The Sun
02. Theme For An Imaginary Western
03. Take Me Back To Doomsday
04. Dusk Fire
05. The Machine Demands A Sacrifice
06. Daughter Of Time
07. Time Lament


01. Rope Ladder To The Moon
02. Downhill And Shadows
03. Tanglewood '63
04. Time Lament
05. Lost Angeles