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Tim Peaks - Songs For A Late Night Diner

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The Pacific North West and the English North West are damp, mossy, riddled with steep, unexpected valleys, dotted with abandoned mills, and frequently cloaked in
mist. Most of the year you’d be wise to wear waterproofs. David Lynch set "Twin Peaks" in the former; it’s not a great leap to imagine it being re-cast and set in the latter. As for the soundtrack? Well, that’s what this album is about.

Compiled by Tim Burgess and Bob Stanley, this is the soundtrack to the Tim Peaks Diner after the sun’s gone down, and it contains some of the most beautiful and atmospheric independent music made in the last 40 years. Outside, the mists are rising and the rain is falling; inside, the coffee is hot and the music perfectly matches the mood...


01 Choci Loni - Young Marble Giants
02 House With A Hundred Rooms - The Chills
03 Lips That Would Kiss (Form Prayers To Broken Stone) - Durutti Column
04 Yanks - The Gist
05 Hunros (A Dream) - Gwenno
06 I Had To Say This - The Clientele
07 I Love You (Restrained In A Moment) - The Royal Family &The Poor
08 Betty's Lament - Isan
09 Slow Motion - Jane Weaver
10 Fuel - Echo & The Bunnymen
11 Flowers - Galaxie 500
12 The Broken Fall - Gnac
13 Blue Dress - Birdie
14 Dog - El Perro Del Mar
15 Fairy Tales - Stockholm Monsters
16 Different Now - Chastity Belt
17 A Year With No Head - Blue Orchids
18 Ten Years - Bracken
19 Sheila - She Beats In My Heart - The Fates
20 Sky Burial - Dean McPhee