Til The Oceans Overflow

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The new album ‘Til The Oceans Overflow’ connects with the 40th Anniversary of Fischer-Z’s iconic ‘Red Skies Over Paradise’ album. It is set once again in Berlin and contrasts the personal, political and social changes between 1980 and 2020. The internet and social media have radically affected people’s freedoms and manipulability and characters mentioned in the 1980s songs are brought forward 40 years in their lives to illustrate some of these changes.

The basics of this new album were recorded by founding member/frontman John Watts in the famous Hansa Studios in Berlin but the pandemic put just about everything on pause. His international band contributed parts from home across the internet to John in Brighton, who included them in his production.

John Watts, the heart and soul of the ever-evolving Fischer-Z - by definition a live performer - has spent the last year and a half getting his teeth into making this new themed band album. He is more eager than ever to promote the new songs, along with all his classic hits, with a gigantic list of upcoming shows.

Fischer-Z are stronger than ever. Their last album, ‘Swimming In Thunderstorms’ (2019), put them back on the map big time with many festivalappearances and sold out club shows.




Romance Can Last Forever

Cuban Rain Falling


The Selfish Mirror

Til The Oceans Overflow

Narcissus Took Me Down

Big Orange Sun

Oh Compassion

Dystopia’s Here